How to keep your paint booth sparkling clean

How to keep your paint booth sparkling clean


  • 3M™ Booth Coating in action

    How to keep your paint studio sparkling clean

    Protect your paint booth walls and lights from paint and primer overspray with 3M’s Booth Coating. The water-based liquid can be easily applied with a spray gun and removed with water when you’ve finished painting. See our step-by-step demonstration below for expert advice on how to keep your paint booth sparkling clean:

    1. The best way to apply the booth coating is to use a gravity feed spray gun in combination with a large PPS Lid and liner.
    2. Ensure the first coat of booth coating is completely dry before applying the second coat.
    3. Because the booth coating dries clear, it can be sprayed over glass and light fittings without affecting the brightness or colour temperature of your spray booth.
    4. It can also be applied directly to air regulators and door handles – as it’s non-sticky, it won’t transfer to hands.
    5. When you’re ready to remove the old coating and recoat your booth, soften the used booth coating by spraying it with cold water.
    6. After a few minutes, the sealer can be easily washed off using common detergents.
    7. Leave the walls to dry off before re-coating with sealer.


    To learn more about 3M and for more helpful videos, visit our how to section.

  • Material no tejido con adhesivo en el respaldo
    Material no tejido con adhesivo en el respaldo


  • Acumulación de polvo, suciedad y Overspray
    Acumulación de polvo, suciedad y Overspray


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